Is Advanced Systemcare safe or not? its the right place to know everything about your queries. Advance SystemCare cleanup and optimization program for Windows Computer.
IOBit technology, which is a parent company of the item is growing software since 2006. With more than 50 million downloads until date, it is proving true to exactly what it claims to be.

The question of security arises when:

  • Personal data is involve that You Don’t want to risk
  • You’re unsure about its working attributes
  • Something is too good to be true

Just not going by facts and data provided by others but we’ve got single hand expertise to discuss. Since 2014. We’ve sold 723 duplicates of Advanced System Care PRO and Ultimate till now with just 9 complaints. Folks have continued the renewal of this product year after year without a hitch.

Is advanced SystemCare safe?

Is advanced SystemCare safe
Is advanced SystemCare safe

The answer is “yes” it’s safe. It is known that data in your personal computer is valuable that you definitely wish to protect. SystemCleaner entails in cleaning up of documents from the system but it doesn’t interfere with private information.

It is programme to locate junk files and clean them. You always have the choice to examine documents before deleting them.

Advanced SystemCare has lots of awards in its own usable and decent customer reviews. All recorded on a number of trusted websites listed.
When it seems”too good to be true” you can clean up and speed up computer in only one click. Yes, single click does your everything like a magic tool then you must experience it yourself.

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Its complete, the question is advanced systemcare safe shouldn’t arise in the first sction. About the security and worthiness of Advanced SystemCare. Being so popular in the software business, it delivers exactly what it claims to be.

IObit Advanced SystemCare 12 Pro

Download here


IObit Advanced SystemCare 12 Pro’s interface is clean and stylish. For every one use easily, also have selection mode of dark and light layouts, and more on the way shortly. You may also set a photo as a backdrop to customize the program further.

Everything good without the interface of elements because all are, so complicate to find the right one. Due to being a similar colour to the background its not good.

For instance, the small ‘I’, which you can hover over to find out more about a feature. But its quite little and a comparable dark blue into the window. It only appears if you hover over a thing, and if you click on it no text looks.

After running, IObit Advanced SystemCare 12 Pro will set a little widget at the top right of your screen. Revealing your system’s current RAM and CPU use.

You might not need that information frequently, but the widget is quite discreet and it’s a fantastic way to find the effect of particular programs on your PC’s performance. The gap made by running IObit Advanced SystemCare’s Pro assorted optimization tools.

You will also see a status notification on the program’s desktop icon permitting you to know if it’s time to conduct a scan.

Cleanup system

Cleanup system

Straightforward, IObit Advanced SystemCare 12 Pro have an option, single click to optimization scan. That will check for shared problems such as junk files, broken shortcuts, spyware and broken registry entries.

feel confident dealing with more complex options. When its very good in case that time you are press for time or don’t. But if you are feeling confident it is also possible to choose to defrag the registry and also perform different quick fixes including disc optimization and internet boost.

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Deep clean

You may opt to automatically fix any problems identifie, but by default, this option is deselect. Meaning you can review everything first and deselect anything you would rather leave alone (like your browser download history, for instance ). It’s also feasible to close down or restart your PC after problems have been fixed or set it to sleep or hibernate (though the cleanup process is typically quite fast).

IObit Advanced SystemCare 12 Pro does a great job of balancing clarity and transparency. You may access extra information about all the items found by selecting a category.

Unfortunately, although you can choose to store or remove specific tracking cookies and broken menus, you can’t decide to keep certain files identified as’Privacy traces’ and junk documents’. That usually means you remove your entire browsing history (such as typed URLs and surfing sessions) for all your browsers or even maintain everything.

Thankfully, this issue can be solve with a quick dive into Advanced SystemCare 12 Pro’s preferences, where you are able to choose exactly what is picked up at a scan. For instance, if Chrome is your normal browser, you can select to keep cookies, typed URLs and history for convenience, while still wiping them in Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Alternatively, you can decide on an even deeper clean, encrypting passwords that are store and store form information too. The decision is yours — provided you know where to find it.

Cleaning Scheduled

After a first scanning and cleanup, it’s well worth diving into IObit Advanced SystemCare’s settings to schedule the process so it happens automatically at the future. You may choose to have Advanced SystemCare do everything while your PC is idle, or put it to begin at a particular time each day, or about a specific day of the week.

Getting your browser background cleaned if your PC is idle might be inconvenient, but you can define which objects should be checked automatically with a listing of tickboxes. Simple, but powerful.

Optimizing Pc

Optimizing Pc

Along with its own system cleanup utilities, IObit Advanced SystemCare 12 Pro also supplies a range of tools to optimize to boost your PC’s performance. These include Turbo Boost, which stops unnecessary programs and services, together with committed alternatives for work.

Gambling and economy. Hardware Accelerate, which checks for outdated drivers and App/Toolbar Cleaner, which clears up potentially unwanted clutter from the browser.

There is also “Deep optimization” which seems somewhat vague but includes features. Like disabling autoplay for removable devices, preventing the automatic generation of system error logs, and optimizing the look of Windows menus and lists to optimize system performance.

These all have the potential to boost your PC’s speed a little, but it’s worth taking a look through before clicking’Optimize’. For instance, in the event that you regularly use your PC to play CDs and DVDs.

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Then disabling autoplay might be more of a hassle than a help, and if you’re fond of Windows’ translucent interface components, you’ll be disappointed to see them turned opaque.

System optimization

You will occasionally find a prompt to set up an additional IObit program that is not part of Advanced SystemCare 12 Pro.

It is worth noting that even though you will find free versions of those apps. All unlocking the complete Pro variations will cost a further license fee.

The Toolbox section is particularly interesting, packe with tools for cleaning up and securing your PC. Where including a lot of choices you won’t find in other optimization software.

Alongside essentials like a secure file shredder and startup manager, you get various handy tools for finding empty folders, duplicate files, and unusually large files all of which are extremely handy for discovering data which may be safely deleted.

The Action Center mostly functions to home discounted offers on software from IObit and its partners.

All these are well worth checking out [$4.99 for Installer Pro is a fantastic bargain], but even if you’re not on the market for any more premium programs. Scroll down a little and you will come across a beneficial updater for apps including plugins and plugins which can pose serious safety risks should they go unpatched.


The preceding version of IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro was outstanding. On the surface, small seems to have changed, but if you invest a little time with SystemCare 12 pro you’ll find a lot of upgrades (small and large). That brings it up to date for 2019, assisting tackle modern security threats while improving the speed of your PC and cutting startup times.

We’d have liked a little more flexibility when it comes to picking. Which components should be cleaned up after a scan, but this is a PC optimization tool that’s hard to fault. Also, it will have a noticeable effect on your computer’s functionality.

Bottom Line

Is Advanced Systemcare safe yes its totally safe for your pc or laptop. Now i think you have some great knowledge about Advanced Systemcare safe, if you have any problems comment us we will happy to replay you. Thank you for reading.

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