Spotify web player not working then what you need to do, you came the right place to know How easily you will fix Spotify web player not working problem. Spotify users face this common problem and interpreting to enjoy their music. Let find out and fix your Spotify web player not working issue.

We are cover easy 5 methods which definitely help you to fix Spotify web player not working issue on your browser. You get relief after applying these methods and the error message “Something went wrong” or “Spotify Web Player an Error Occurred” not came again to interesting you.

How to Fix Spotify web player not working issue?

Mostly peoples enjoy their music on browsers through online playing because Spotify doesn’t support offline listing. It is definitely possible that the Spotify web player not working problems cause the browser error. Mostly this error came from browser corrupted history or cache data. You have to try out the below methods to resolve the problems.

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Flush DNS Cache

If you are not a tech person then don’t worry Just follow our easy steps to fix it from your side. When you accessed to play a song but the song doesn’t play then the better thing to do Flush the DNS caches. Refresh your pc DNS then you have the option to enter a newly registered domain name for Spotify web player. Most of the people getting a positive result from it.

Step 1

Go to window search box and type “Command Prompt” or press window + R to open run then search “cmd” or “Command Prompt”.

Step 2

When “Administrator Command Prompt” panel open, type “ipconfig /flushdns” then press Enter key to run the command. After successfully run, close the cmd and Reboot the pc.

Flush DNS Cache
Flush DNS Cache

After the restart, try again to play Spotify web player on your browser firefox, google chrome, etc (we recommended google chrome best because of its google product and it’s always updated). We hope Spotify’s web player not working issue now fix if not please try the next one.
Because we don’t know the reason for this problem, so that’s why you have to try one by one.

Clear Browser Data for Spotify web player not working issue

In some cases, browser cashes for their data, because when you using browser long time then some data auto-deleted and you are facing causing errors like Spotify web player not working or some websites. But don’t worry more because we are now fixing it very easily. Only you have to clear all the browsing data if you don’t know how just follow our below steps to successfully do.

Step 1

Open the Google Chrome browser then you can see the top right corner, menu icon (3 dots) just click on that to open the menu.

Step 2

Next click “More tools” to open a small list on the left side where 3 option is “Clear browsing data” click and after that set 24 hours time range into the dropdown menu and most important if you don’t want to delete browsing history, don’t forget to untick.

Clear Browser Data

Step 3

After clicking clear data, restart chrome and check the Spotify Web Player Not Working issue should be fixed.

Change the Browser or Update the latest version

First things to do! mainly it’s like an update for Mac users, from a long time Safari not supporting Spotify Web Player. So you have to change your browser to Firefox (recommended) or Chrome or Oprea. If you already using anyone from these three then check the updates to fix Spotify Web Player Not Working issue. Hopefully, it will be fixed on the latest version.

According to the posts from the official. Spotify forum chrome has had troubles form the many time with Spotify Web Player. It’s not a means Spotify Web Player not play on chrome, most of the time chrome failed to run and showing Spotify Web Player Not Working issue. The best way we are recommended to go with other browsers Firefox or Opera or Edge.


Fixing the device list for Spotify web player

If our above methods do not work on your side then This simple easy method hopefully helps you. Just check if your Spotify account connected multiple devices?
Because some of the time the player can “confused” to play song and playlist. When you click play nothing happens in the browser.

So you can fix Spotify Web Player Not Working issue, just go to the device list (which is left of the volume control button) and then web player.

Spotify PC App Download

If you do not head about Spotify PC App then definitely you have to try at once which is amazing to control and providing some extra helpful features. You can download easily just click on here after downloaded install normal way. Spotify Pc App is a good option if Spotify Web Player Not Working issue not solve.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, Spotify Web Player Not Working issue should be fixed. If not then sorry to say, you have to go Spotify PC App which is really safe and easily listening to songs without facing any issue. We think its the best ever option if Spotify Web Player Not Working not solve by you. Thank you for reading.

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