So this is the new oppo k3 another budget efficient device that packs. Some powerful specs together with a very pleasing design.

The package of the device comes with a very different rectangular shape but still, it is good. What makes oppo k3 more impressive is its full-screen display it means no hole no knowledge or any of that.


oppo k3

Another key highlight about this device is that a Snapdragon 710 chipset under the hood. Which is currently the best mid-range processor in the market.

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when you open the lid you will find some documentation and just behind these, there’s the phone itself.
Other than that you will find a good quality flexible case that has a dedicated cut out for the pop-up camera. So the case is quite good and sturdy suitable for a glass back anyways moving further here’s a USB cable. That has some special touch to it this is a type C. cable which is great and important for fast charging.

Apart from that, there’s a power adapter which is a 20-watt charger supporting vooc 3.0 fast charging.

OPPO K3 Specification

ProcessorSnapdragon 710 processor 2.2GHz Octa-Core
Storage64/128/256 GB
DisplayIPS Display FHD 6.5 Inch
Rear Camera2MP+16MP Dual Camera with Flash
Front Camera16MP popup front camera
FingerprintOn screen Fringerprint
Connention4G VoLTE support
Bluetoothyes v5
Charger VooC 20wtt fast charger

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So here’s the phone itself which is looking great sleek and slim the display here is totally Basil less and it comes with a rising camera. The phone comes with a 19 by 5 by 9 aspect ratio. That makes it a comfortable device the bottom chin has been also trimmed and the overall look and feel is amazing.

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Over the top there’s a camera space and just check out the color of this device it is looking amazing there are a gradient finish. And a dual tone color design that makes it more attractive. There’s a glass layer and everything has been designed very well the fact is looking quite clean with the apple logo. On the middle, there’s no fingerprint as it has in display scanner.

Camera Review

The phone comes with a dual camera setup and a flash below the sensors. It is a 16 megapixel plus 2-megapixel combo capable of taking standard shots.

rear camera

There are only 2 cameras compared to 3 on the Lenovo C. 6. Over the bottom, there’s a USB. C. port which is quite important. There are speaker grilles too and the most important there’s a 3.5 millimeters headphone Jack. Even the frame of this phone is colorful making it a unique smartphone.

So the phone has a glass back and it may catch fingerprints scener quickly hence you should apply the provided case.

oppo k3
front camera

So as we have mentioned the phone comes with the rising camera scene on one plus 7 pro recently. The pop-up mechanism comes with a 16-megapixel selfie shooter capable of taking beautifying shots.

There are some animations to with the rising of the camera that makes it more immersive.


Anyways the phone comes with a 6.5 inch LED display with a full HD plus resolution. The displays is really beautiful with very punch your colors and all thanks to an ally panel.

Display of k3
  • The display has some exciting features such as DC dimming always on screen and an eye protection mode.

The smartphone offers a screen space of whopping 91 percent and it also comes with a 6th generation in display fingerprint sensor so it perfect finish on the display department.

And the brazers are extremely reduced however the chain is still there but yes this is all we can expect from a budget device. So on the top pencil, you will find a long strip which is obviously for the call speaker.


Overall the speed of the pop-up camera is really impressive it is quick and hopes it will be durable and may last for a long time.

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The Snapdragon 710 chipset is present under the hood of this phone. It comes with up to 8 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of expandable storage.


The phone comes with up to 8 gigabytes of ram when it comes to storage it offers up to 256 gigabytes of storage.

The Android 9 pie flavored with color OS 6.0 comes preloaded on the device and in terms of battery the phone packs a decent 3765 MAH. of capacity.

Bottom Line

Oppo k3 comes with full-screen gestures and gaming mode in addition. So what are your final opinions about this device?

Let us know in the comments section hence we can say that this phone is remarkable as it comes with a starting price tag of $230.

Overall at such a price you are getting a powerful processor led display decent battery bezel-less design.

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