Line art, it looks like simple art which drawing only line through pen or pencil means without any color a different type or art.we buying lots of painting like landscape, portrait, etc. then comes with colors. But line art without color, white background and only line color its also available line art landscape.

When we are drawing any image or photos or any thing. Which you can to do they also have some sketch of the same color or put other colors. Because without color image or photos not like good. But in Line art don’t have any of others. Some of timeline art wallpaper we can use in wall, you can also buying here if you want.

Line Art

Definition of line art

Make art on sold color,(white, blue anything not multicolor ) using on one color through Pen or pencil drawing looks like line But the only line write you art or you exposed feeling. example below.

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many types of art available right now, lets showing some examples of art, this list I will showing some top categories art which is most important or and its drawing too difficult form normal pain.

how to learn line art?

line art is the newest and upcoming paint or art. If you want ot learn then you need to some requirement simple think not any huge. which you already have in your home or have yours. thanks means your regular working basic materials.

  • Normal solid color Paper or any art sheet or art paper.
  • Pen or pencil as your preferences.

You need only these two things for stating you in the home.

how you draw

In this art or paint, you need to remember 2 thing alose.
1st one doesn’t duboule write or draw over any line
2nd one doesn’t color any thing of you drawing.

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Let’s start, with flowers

Frits you can draw simple kind of things, like flowers, you mostly know when putting down your pen or pencil on paper for drawing, after finished hole drawing then you will put up your pen or pencil. don’t any other time or without finished.

lien art

Only you need to draw the outline of your object but some kind of thing or object has a line in the side, watching below the image or painting which have outlined in the side and in site.

line art
Draw leaves

If you want to draw any leaves that time needs to put off after drawing in side outled outline.Because leaves have to front of view. Middle section and outside section.example below.

line art

Body stretcher

When you expert with the normal object then you will for body stretcher. for body stretcher you need focus only outside stretcher or line . you can put up or put down as your preference but must sure don’t use double write or draw.

line art body part

For knowledge

  • Don’t use multi-color on your drawing, One color butter watching or looking.
  • Pen or pencil or color brush you can use any of thinks as your choices.
  • The most important outside line of your object or character which are you draw.
  • If need inner outline then do otherwise skip alose.

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List of art or painting type:

  1. Pastel art paint
  2. Acrylic art pant
  3. Digital art paint
  4. Spray art pant
  5. Enamel art paint
  6. sand art
  7. watercolor art paint
  8. oil art pain
  • Now let’s see some image of this type of painting one by one.
pastel color
oil paint
sand paint or art
water color paint

Bottom line

Line art wallpaper is an amazing way to improve your art or you can expose you feeling on this type of art. this type of drawing like line art doesn’t take your time means easy to draw. comment you queries you have any.

Thank you for reading…..

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