wifi connected but no internet access in android mobile, sometimes we face this problem and can’t solve right time or your needed time.in this article, I am fixed this “wifi connected but no internet access in android mobile” problem. I am telling you one by one method, every method i devise painting. I am sure that if you follow my these methods than your wifi connected but no internet access in android mobile problem 100% fix.

On the off chance that the Internet isn’t chipping away at just a single gadget yet working fine on different gadgets associated with a similar system, at that point risks there is an issue with the gadget’s WiFi connector or the Routers and that specific gadget are experiencing serious difficulties to impart.wifi connected but no internet access in android mobile


wifi connected but no internet access in android mobile

To help settle your ‘no web access’ issue, we will list down nine stages that should settle it. Along these lines, we should begin.wifi connected but no internet access in android mobile
Fix — WiFi Connected But No Internet Access

  • Restart Devices

Indeed, I know how it sound and chances are a large portion of you have effectively done this couple of times, yet on the off chance that haven’t, you should.


The great ol’ reboot is a fix to numerous product issues and system issues. Kill both switch and modem (on the off chance that they are independent) and sit tight for 30 seconds before restarting them once more. Moreover, you ought to likewise restart your PC to guarantee things are spotless. When every one of the gadgets are reset, take a stab at interfacing again to check whether it works.

  • Check Modem Lights

There may be an issue with your web association rather than the gadgets associated. To affirm, check the “Web light” on the switch and ensure it’s working. Moreover, guarantee there is no bizarre conduct, for example, uncommon light glinting.

 In a perfect world, the DSL lights ought to be ON (or turn green in a few switches), and the WiFi marker lights should squint. In the event that you don’t know how to check, contact your ISP client care administrations. Affirm what’s the issue with the Internet and how much time it might take to settle it if the issue is at their end.

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  • Utilize Built-in Troubleshooter

In the event that the Intenet is fine from ISP end and the Internet is chipping away at no less than one different gadgets, at that point chances are there is an issue with the WiFi connector of your gadget. This can be effectively settled with the worked in troubleshooter program that accompanies Windows and Mac.

For example, how about we take Windows, here the implicit system troubleshooter can settle or possibly answer a large portion of the system related issues. Right-tap on the system symbol in the taskbar and select “Investigate issues.” Windows will consequently search for issues and fix them. In the event that it can’t settle it, it will, at any rate, let you realize what the issue is.

 You can look for the answer for the issue on the web, or even ask in the remarks underneath; we might have the capacity to help. A similar choice is accessible for Mac OS X too.

  • Fix Network Driver Issues

Now and then an old system driver or undermined one can prompt no web on associated WiFi issue. To settle arrange driver issues, Press Window+R keys and enter “devmgmt.msc” to open “Gadget Manager.”wifi connected but no internet access in android mobile

Here extend “System connectors” and right-tap on your system. Presently select “Refresh driver programming” choice, and you will motivate two choices to refresh the driver, physically and naturally (on the web).

Take a stab at interfacing your PC to the switch utilizing an Ethernet link to get web get to. On the off chance that there is no issue with the switch or web association, you ought to interface effortlessly. Whenever associated, tap on “Look consequently for refreshed driver 

programming, ” and Windows will naturally discover and introduce the correct driver.
On the off chance that you can’t interface, at that point you should physically download the most recent driver from producer’s site on another web associated gadget and move it to your PC.

When you have the most recent driver, utilize the “Peruse my PC for driver programming” choice to physically introduce the driver programming.

  •  Reset Router

This is a little brutal choice, however by and large, it tackles a wide range of switch related issues. You can reset the switch to plant settings to reset all the new changes that might cause the issue. This likewise implies you should again secret phrase secure your switch and change fundamental settings as indicated by your need.wifi connected but no internet access in android mobile


In spite of the fact that you can reset the switch from its settings, a less demanding path is to press the physical reset catch on the switch itself. The reset catch is normally covered up inside a little opening, so you should check the switch painstakingly to discover the catch.

 When discovered, utilize a paper clasp (or something comparable) to press the catch inside and hold it for 5-15 seconds, or until the point that all switch lights squint and switch restarts. You ought to have the capacity to interface with the web when the switch restarts.

Note: Before you reset your switch, make a point to login to your switch’s web interface and record the username and secret key, used to login to ISP’s server.
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  • Reset Your Network

As the name propose Network Reset handicap and afterward reinstall all your system connectors and set other systems administration segments back to their unique settings. Windows will overlook your Ethernet organize, your WiFi systems and passwords and your VPN associations and so forth. Which means it’ll It will erase the majority of your put away WiFi accreditations and VPN associations. This is the reason disliking your system ought to be your final hotel.

In the event that you are on Windows 10, tap on the Start catch > Type Network Reset.
Another window will open cautioning you about what will happen when your system. Tap the “Reset presently” catch to reset the system and restart your PC.

  • Flush DNS

Once in a while DNS reserve strife can prompt not having the capacity to get to sites, and you may believe that the web isn’t working. You should flush DNS to guarantee it isn’t bringing about any inconvenience. In Windows begin menu type “cmd” and open it as a head.

Direction provoke will open up, here sort “ipconfig/flushdns” and press enter. This will flush the DNS store.wifi connected but no internet access in android mobile
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  • Change Wireless Mode on Router

On the off chance that you are getting the Internet access by interfacing your PC to switch through ethernet link however not with the WiFi, at that point chances are there is a correspondence boundary between these two gadgets. Also, one place to look is the Wireless mode.

There are two or three Wireless mode on a switch. For example, you may have seen something like — 802.11 b or 802.11 b/g or 802.11 b/g/n, and so on. These b, g, n and air conditioning are distinctive Wireless standard.

B is the most seasoned WiFi standard which covers less territory and gives less speed while air conditioning is the most recent with more extensive inclusion and Gigabit organize speed. Think of them as like USB 1, 2 and 3 standard; where the most recent is quickest and in reverse perfect.

Presently normally the Wireless mode is set to 802.11 b/g/n/and it works fine for a great many people. However, once in a while the old gadgets (particularly old cell phones) are not good with this mode and subsequently indicate arrange issues.

One approach to settle that is — from your PC, login to your switch dashboard and search for the choice that says — Wireless Mode, for the most part it’s under the Wireless settings where you set WiFi SSID and secret phrase, and so on.

By the Wireless mode, you’ll see a drop-down menu, tap on that and select 802.11 b and spare changes. Presently restart the WiFi on the gadgets which had the WiFi issues and check whether this fixes the issue. On the off chance that this doesn’t work, attempt 802.11 g. In the event that regardless you discover no good fortune, see the following arrangement.

  • Acquire IP and DNS Automatically

On the off chance that you are getting the Internet access by interfacing your PC/cell phone to other WiFi organize, however not with your present WiFi, at that point chances are there is a DNS or IP address strife. Another approach to watch that is by pinging your switch from cmd, in the event that you get timeout reaction, it’s most likely the IP address struggle.

Preferably, you should set system settings to naturally get IP address and DNS given by your ISP (Internet specialist co-op) to guarantee slightest clashes. Be that as it may, some of the time (and this transpired seven days back) doling out a static IP deliver to your gadgets or changing the DNS server settles the system issues.

Or then again, on the off chance that you are utilizing a static IP address (need to play some amusement on LAN) at that point it’ll savvy to get the IP address naturally. To put it plainly, attempt to flip the settings here and see which one works for you.

Following is the means for Windows, in the event that you are running other Operating System like Mac OS or Android and so on., at that point look at our past article on the most proficient method to change DNS on all stage and how to dole out static IP address on all the primary stage.

To get IP address consequently on Windows, press Windows+R keys and type “ncpa.cpl” in the Run discourse that opens up. When you tap on “alright” all your system associations will open up. Here right-tap on your system and select “Properties” from the setting menu.wifi connected but no internet access in android mobile

Presently tap on “Web Protocol Version 4” and after that tap on “Properties” underneath it. In the following exchange select both “Acquire an IP address naturally” and “Get DNS server address consequently” choices. You ought to interface consequently, on the off chance that not, have a go at restarting your PC.wifi connected but no internet access in android mobile

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