kids watches hello, guys if you want to spy or all time locate your kids, you came right place today i will show you how you so this. kids watches yes it is the way to spy your kids all the time. you can tracking location call and a lot of features i will be told you below. kids watches not a huge price to buy. where you want to buy don’t link given below.IN all the kids watches, here am I talking QQ watch its an Indian brand.

Kids Watches

on this kids watches you can not only spy your kids its also help to care your watches

one before that was telling time but today I’m going to show you a bus not possible to get kids watches smartwatch. We got the smartwatch from the express and the price of it is $40 which is an INR on 2600 hundred RS. 

In the front, we had the tens and get spending and a picture of the water with the names QQ watch. On the side we have the features such as you can take photos it has a more emoji SS feature inbuilt barometer that’s greed and it’s waterproof. And on this side, you have more features of the vote such as GPS tracking remote monitoring and of course the calling feature. 

And at the back, we have the product specification and the color option the one we have here it is in the pink color let’s open the box and see what we have inside.

 On the top had devoted says the vote is lightweight and fees really velvet and of premium quality. Let’s keep it aside for some time and see what else we have in the box. 

We get the user manual which has all the information about the different features office watch. kids watches Then we have a micro USB charging cable to charge this watch and that’s pretty much we have inside the boxNow let’s see the smartwatch closely as I mentioned earlier the what is really lightweight and the quality of the strappy surprisingly very good the picture on the staff looks very similar to the apple watch Nice addition.

 The watch doesn’t have 30 feeling which we have seen in most of the so-called smart forties in this price segment no  This 1 has a 1.44-inch touchscreen which is more than enough to perform your task on it. 

Overall the size of what is perfect for kids and it doesn’t look small or too big. In terms of button and hardware on the side of the watch, we have the micro USB charging port and the sim card slot under this protective cover. On the right-hand side of the box, we have the power button which also works as a home button a Mic and a camera which is really good to see in the water with costs that glass. In terms of design and color we really like this cute little smartwatch and asking on the box you can buy it in different colors.

Now let’s turn on the water for the first timeSo then what is turned on and it’s telling to insert the sim card. You can use any sim card that has a data plan and it only required 2G  data connection we have inserted the sim card and we have the signal on the top right on the home screen we have the time and the current weather that’s cool to the watch menu

 you just have to swipe left on the screen to go to the different option. Before we checkpoint of what let’s install the app on iPhone the Apple name is Q. Q. watch and it is available for both Android and iOS once you install the app it will ask you to create an account and once done we just need to pair the watch.

Pairing with watch really simple and you need to open the QR code menu on the watch and then scan it on the phone and that’s it. After that enter the phone number of the same which is inside the watch. One is done it will ask you to enter the detail of her child and that’s pretty much only need to do and it’s ready to use. Once of what is connected, you can see the current location and also the details like signal strength and the battery died on the app you can initiate a chat session which by the way it works really good indicate can apply back to you with a voice message.

Amazing features of this watch

  •  This what is a special feature which is called monitoring so apart from the usual calling you can make a monitor call to hear the surrounding off your ties. As part of the calling is that does want to accept calls from only those born in the contact is created by you at the time of the initial set up. You have more features on the apps such as a stock option that shows you the history of location your child has visited. 

  • And in the function menu, we have the remote control to find the watch and power on or off the voice remotely.  And then here we have an alarm option.

  •  There’s also a pedometer to keep an eye on your kids activities. The vote also supported your fencing alert that means it can alert you when your child arrives in a safe zone which you can mark on the map and it can also argue about the red zone which I think is not safe for your child. And then in the notification,

  •  you will see the battery alerts and see the history of the geo-fencing alerts. No that’s all we have in the apt divorce has pretty much everything which we saw on the app in the option the first option is diner which allows your child to die only numbers in the contact list contact many would have a list of the contact which you have created at the time of setting up the watch 

  • next option is a group chat with her child can send a voice message to all the members who are on the subscriber list. Private chat option is used if the message is intended for only one contact.

  • Then we have the camera option don’t worry the camera can only be used to send the photos for the people who are in the contact list and it can also request for photos inspire more from itself.

  •  The next option we have is the voice and text menu by that you can go to the previous voice and text messages. There’s also a stopwatch and the calculator right in the water which might have tried to calculate if in doubt like the ice cream he or she bought and they can cross it give the vendor gave them the right amount of change.

  •  And the last option we have is the SOS feature which calls the admin of the wall straight away. So that’s all the features we have in the water and to be honest this what has not more features than I was expecting.


 And during our testing, we found that all of them looks pretty good and without any problem, 
the touch screen is also responsive and a GPS tracking is also good it’s not live tracking but it can show you the updated location in every 5 minutes

.You can use this was a doctor tied while you’re at work or when they’re playing outside anyone to ensure about their safety and this is a must have walked for kids these days we know you might be thinking that it’s too early to handle what I got it to your kid which I also taught the same but I give it to my knees for 10 days keeping in mind the following reasons

 first of what is restricted and you can only make and receive calls a certain number. And design wise it looks really cool as well and she likes to. 

And second reason and the most important one is for peace of mind I did not hesitate to give this was to work as using this what she always felt connected to us and we also found that she liked the interface and loved using this watch and its features. And at the end interested paranoid then they don’t have to wear this watch all the time and you can fix timing such as when they go out to the playground or maybe during occasion outings.

final note:
                    kids watches QQ watch The vote is really good and with the features like call monitoring and camera you can see and listen to your child anytime and anywhere. In terms of calling the sound quality is good and was loud and clear and the battery is the lesser for us for 1.5 days with moderate use any of the heavy use it it’s lasted for one day.

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