Get Help with File Explorer in Windows 10 here we are showing you all working methods in a proper way to do step by step. You came right place if you want to get help with file explorer in windows 10. Some of the options have an available front on screen but can’t use, they all help you to increase your working speed.

Many of thinks updated from windows 7 and add a lot of new features. Use all features because microsoft making by ours to work and use pc batter way. Alose run your window on the latest version so don’t forget to check update every month its get help with file explorer in windows 10.

Get Help with File Explorer in Windows 10

File Explorer Basics Information

get help with file explorer in windows 10
get help with file explorer in windows 10

The old name Of Windows 7 “Windows Explorer” its same with File Explorer on Windows 10, the Only name is changed by the Microsoft.

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But not only old featured added some new features, Just like Ribbon interface and Syncing your files and folder in OneDrive it’s one my favorite features.

OneDrive cloud syncing truly helpful that time when you don’t have your pc or laptop. That time you can access all of your pc files and folders through OneDrive Mobile app.

In the sidebar “Quick Access” Option changed or replaces with “Favorites” option on Windows 10. Previous widows 7 You was an option to Drag and drop any file or folder to pin them Quick Access Area for use as a shortcut or easily Access.

But windows 10 change this process, Now your recent working file or folder automatically add on Favorites area. If you want to unpin any individual file or folder then you have to right-click on that folder and click or unpin option.

One of big changed is My Computer replaces with This pc on windows 10. You can use for shortcuts or browsing some folder or file, Also manage USB connected device, DVD drivers and other drivers. Sorry to say but if have any pc or laptop then you can use it.

Ribbon how to use


The Ribbon works in File Explorer upper section. Also, ribbon works in MS Office apps or applications like paint, word, powerpoint, excel, etc. Many different ways have to use it easily to save time.

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You can also hide ribbon option when you don’t need or when you want more space in your working file or File Manager. After hiding when you click any tabs of upper section like “View” “Share” “Home” for view more commands and click. That time ribbon will appear temporarily for some times.

If you want to see Ribbon all the time then you have 2 option for expanding.
Open File Explorer then click the arrow which is top right corner and the second process is too easy after open File Explorer just press Ctrl + F1 at the same time.

For Ribbon open and close press Ctrl + F1 both same time in File Explorer or This pc.

Home Toolbar

The Frist option in Ribbon “Home” toolbar give us many important and most useful think for speedup working. Including New Folder, Rename, Delete, Paste, Properties and Copy under there.

Share Tab

share tab

Mainly “Share” Tab giving us or offers to convert or send to another platform likes Emailing, Printing, Buring in DVD, Zipping and list more local networks.

View Tab

view tab

Basically “View” tab offers to controls of file or folder in File Explorer likes sorted every file or folders your preferences. Also, you can disable or Enable details or preview panel for watching about the information of selected files. Have an option to change files viewing icon sizes like small, large or extra-large and criteria as your choice.

Hide or show file name extension or Hide any files from here easily. For doing that, tab or click “Hidden items” checkbox for hiding and uncheck for unhiding only that specific folder.

Get help with file explorer in windows 10 Manage Tab

get help with file explorer in windows 10
manage tab

The Tab of “Manage” will appear something on the ribbon with appropriate commands contextually, Example is, if you select any Image the Image related options are showing likes Rotation, Slide show, Set as Backgroud of that particular Image. But when you select any text file or something else then option changes. Check out more features on windows 10

Pin Frequently How to Use

After opening File Explorer on your screen the position of the Quick Access toolbar is Top left corner. On the above of Quick Access toolbar, you can see small down arrow type icon its call Pin Frequently. If you need to add any commands then on Quick Access toolbar then Right-click on Ribbon. And select the option “add to Quick Access Toolbar.”

Some of your working times or any times if you need more space on Commons section then to right-click on ribbon and Select the second option to show below the ribbon.

Pin Frequently


How to Changes on File Explorer Setting

First, open File Explorer then clicks “view” tab on the ribbon then the click “Option” icon to open the settings pop up for changes.

File Explorer Setting

This “option” opens a folder dialog option which is same with windows but not finished here. Now on windows 10 here adding some new features of controlling option of File Explorer opens through “This PC” or “Quick Access” or its Shows automatically frequently and recently used folders on view from Quick Access.

Bottom Line

Get help with file explorer in windows 10 maybe its help you to know some important and useful methods. Which is really workable in your side. If you have any queries on get help with file explorer in windows 10 this article. Then don’t forget to write a comment section.

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