Huawei Nova 4 Unboxing & Impressions

Huawei Nova 4 is the best camera phone in this price also looks and powerful hardware, if you like this smartphone then check out buyer link to click here.

The smartphone you are looking right now is probably the most beautiful mid-range device at the moment this is the whole away no before with the punch hole front camera and triple camera set up.

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The device packs pretty powerful specs but it is a bit overpriced the smartphone retails at $450 and it packs last year’s care in 970 processor.


Inside the box – Huawei Nova 4

When it comes to the unboxing experience it’s packaging includes every basic stuff including a pair of headphones.

 There’s a charger supporting power up to 18 what’s. It is good that there’s a USB type C. cable here wrapped in plastic. So pretty good accessories packaging was very nice now let’s check out the phone.

Body and camera of Huawei Nova 4

The phone comes with a 6.4-inch screen that looks pretty vibrant and bright. However what really makes it special is its punch hole camera the device has a very small hole on the screen carrying and 25-megapixel front camera.



The punch hole has a diameter of 3.05 millimeters which can be said really small over the back the phone has a decent finish together with the gradient reflective look.

Back of the phone also carries its main selling point of 48-megapixel camera set up the first  is a wide angle lens while the second sensor is a primary lens 

  • The third sensor is mainly for death affect the main 48-megapixel sensor is and I am ex 586 lanes the other 2 sensors are the combination of 20 megapixels plus 2-megapixel shooters.
  • The camera set up comes with beauty mode super slow mo video recording he I guess and so on.

Hardware – Huawei Nova 4 

In terms of main features the phone is powered by care in 970 chipset which is a year old processor and feels a bit disappointing the processor is paired with whopping 8 gigabytes of ram the smartphone has a 3750 M. A. H. battery with 18 what faster charging.

The device is loaded with EMUI  9 out of the box based on the android pie.
 So we are quite impressed with this phone its look specs cameras all are amazing. The phone comes in special red white and Aurora blue color options.

Features and cons and pros – Huawei Nova 4

In addition, the phone is equipped with features like G. P. U. booster so it can easily handle heavy games.

The company claims the phone has an 87 percent screen to body ratio and I think it actually has the display looks extremely beautiful with a very small hole and a very trim chain. 

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The chain is really small and it doesn’t affect the look however the bottom chain of the smartphones like me 8 or the new redmi note 7 looks extremely unwanted and it does destroy the look of the device.

  • Playing heavy games on the device even at high graphics doesn’t make it lanky frame drops are impossible thanks to a powerful processor.
  • The company also didn’t compromise with the headphone Jack and also includes an infrared type C. port is also provided together with speaker grilles.
  • So this is a quick impression of the new highway no before drop down your opinions with you gonna buy it let us know in comments below.
  •  Well, so the smartphone is available in a 20-megapixel camera version.

Bottom Line

  I think no before is the best device for those who love to capture photos however a better option with almost the same price tag which is under V. 20 is my recommendation and keep in mind that it also has the 48-megapixel camera set up.

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