At the time Facebook is one of the biggest social networking platforms, facebook too different from other social networking, you can find your old memories, videos, also photos which are you uploaded any of time if you not deleted. it’s a too good thing.

But not all times, some memories we don’t need or I don’t want that not see anyone the question is how we did this.



Have you any worry about this, no don’t I will telling you top easy methods to fix this post relating issues. all old post not well to see later or any other.

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Surely I told you but before starting, we have to some more things about hiding this posting. First, you need to know how your facebook timeline looks like this time, but how you do, just follow this step,  go to your timeline after opening facebook, then click top right corner 3 dots, and then select “view as”option.
 good job I know you are intelligent lets, came back to our topic

If you don’t like anything for that case – click globe icon which you can see on your screen now, after that change public option to only me or custom or only friends. if you want to delete any post then definitely you can, just click the “X” Button.

Hide This Posting Facebook:

If you have any post which is posted multiple public how you hide that, simply just click security lock icon on the top right corner,
and select “see more settings” option, after selection click “Limit Old Posts” now you have the option to change the visibility of your old Facebook posts, easily select it.

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Solve Facebook Timeline Settings problems:

You can manage posts through Facebook Timeline settings check out.if you want to re-adjust the settings then first lock icon, then select “Timeline and Tagging setting” option you can see the left panel. then you have to set 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th option in the list or you can choose as your preferences.

Have you facebook clean?:

It’s too important, in this method I am telling you the facebook cleaning method. if you use the facebook post manager chrome extension then it’s trick working, which post you don’t need than easily delete.

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The most effective method to Untag Yourself:

In case you’re labeled in a Facebook post, photograph or other material on the site, you may need to untag yourself so you’re never again connected with it. To do this, snap or tap the descending confronting bolt beside the post and inside that menu, snap or tap “Evacuate Tag.”

Remember that regardless of whether you’re untagged, somebody may see a reference to you or remember you in a photograph on Facebook.

Bottom Line:

We are can’t avoid Facebook at the time because now a lot of people take money from here only run Facebook advertising, and believe me is huge money. if you want to know how to make money from facebook then its click here,

If you have any queries then, please write down in the comment section we are happy to give your answers, thank you for reading…


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