Android game optimizing service, game optimizing service game Optimizing Service is a Samsung smartphone system application or can also refer as bloatware. Bloatware is those applications who comes pre-installed with your smartphone device, android game optimizing service, game optimizing service, they are not going to provide you any harm but you can not remove them to your device.

Android game optimizing service

You never noticed or cared about the pre-installed apps till your phone started showing that “your storage is full”, android game optimizing service, game optimizing service and when you go to check which apps are taking more storage then you find about Bloatware apps. Game Optimizing Service is also one of the pre-installed Bloatware apps in the Samsung phone. Which cannot be uninstalled or disabled?

What is Game Optimizing Service

How To Disable Or Turn Off  Game Optimizing Service?
Peoples are posting this problem to many android forums and community like they are getting notification on their phone by the Game Optimizing Service which is really annoying.

They want to disable or turn of the application to show notification which does not make any sense.

We go through the many forums and community but most of them are saying it is not possible to stop the game optimizing service app on your Samsung device.

You can delete the notification in a few clicks easily but blocking the app to show notification is not possible.

But one Redditor mention in a thread that it is possible to disable the game optimizing service app. So you can try this, if it worked, it will be jackpot.

Here is the step according to the Redditor

  • Open your phone
  • Go to the game launcher
  • On the top right of the screen, you will see three dots, just tap here
  • Then tap setting
  • Then you have to disable the marketing information
  • How To Show Game Optimizing service In Phone
  • Go to the setting
  • Choose notification
  • Tap more and choose advance
  • From the top right corner choose the three dots sign
  • Then choose “show system apps”
  • Under the system apps, you can find the game optimizing service app.
  • What does it mean to optimize a game
  • Optimization is the part of the game development which is ongoing, the term game optimizing directly refer to the development process

Game Optimizing Service 

With the Game Optimizing Service running on a Galaxy S8+, Samsung has been known to push advertisements for the Lode Runner Classic game. One Redditor shared his experience that he’s been receiving ads to his Galaxy phone about twice the past week.

A certain ‘getrosed’ asked if others also experienced the same thing. He wants to disable the ads from popping up before they become more frequent and show more unwanted information

The redditor said there seemed to be no way of disabling the ads from showing but like anything, there is a way to go around it. You should be able to easily delete the notifications but it would be better if you disable them completely. Apparently, he is not the only one getting the same ad for Runner Classic. Others have also shared that they are getting the same marketing info.

There is indeed a way to go around it according to redditor AlexH1337. He shared that it can be disabled by going to the Game Launcher and choosing the three dot menu you see on the top right of the screen. Choose Settings and then disable marketing information.

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Bottom line 

There may be instances that it is already disabled so it is suggested to display the game launcher app instead. android game optimizing service, game optimizing service of the game where the game performs for the best and another side, it should take least hardware resources.

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