Top 5 way to video call, not easy to choose one best video calling app because of this each video calling apps has most differences features which I am told you below, top 5 way to video call with your friends and family or your know person.
let’s see top 5 videos calling app list.

top 5 way to video call

1.  Viber       

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Welcome to Viber the fun way to send messages stickers and make HD phone call and video calls for free wherever you are in the world it’s really simple to use.

Download Viber from your store into your own phone number and Viber will send you a 6 digit code that’s it all you need is wifi or mobile data to use Viber for 40. Finding people on Viber is easy to anyone who already has it on their phone will have a Viber icon next to their name and your contact list just tap on their name to send messages and photos make a video or phone call and if you want to chat with more than 1 person you can create a group chat with up to 200 of your closest friends it’s the best way to stay in touch 24 X 7 with your friends and family plan events and activities or just enjoy a joke with your favorite people.

top 5 way to video call

 Use the viper out feature to contact someone who doesn’t have Viber, with Viber out you can make low-cost calls to landlines or mobile phones anywhere in the world. viber has thousands of fun stickers Q. tormented quirky our stickers are now also enemy so if you can’t find the right words just say it with a stick feeling creative you can just doodle your own pictures and if you don’t have time for a long conversation Viber Holden talk button lets you record and send an instant voice message with Viber public chat you can follow live conversations and entertainment feats including celebrities music sports movies news and more follow conversations in real time like and share photos and videos with your friends and that’s not all with Viber game so you can check out what your friends are playing send them in-game gifts to receive rewards or just enjoy bragging rights when you beat their high score.

All this can be done on your mobile with Viber also sings instantly with your computer and tablet so you’re always connected in the way that works best for you so whether you want to make phone and video calls to your family chat with your friends play games for simply follow a public chat you can do it all for free on viber let’s get this vibe started.

top 5 way to video call

 2. DUO

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One of the biggest calling and video calling app

made at Google I earlier this year was due out a simple video calling app for Android and iOS DO really is simple it’s a standalone video calling app video calling is all that it does when you first download the app you’ll have to agree to the privacy policy and terms of contract you also agree to letting do periodically center context to Google then if you’re running android marshmallow or newer you’ll have to allow due to take pictures and record video allow do it to record audio allowed do to access your contacts and allow due to send in view SMS messages then you will need to verify your phone number which is how your contacts will video call you Google will send you a one time SMS message and it will automatically confirm your phone number which is pretty cool.

But once the setup is done you’ll be presented with the remarkably simple you why in the settings you can enable vibrate 12 ringing and limits mobile data usage you can also enable knock knock a feature that lets you see who’s calling and what they are doing before you answer the call below that you have an option to register your phone number view blocked numbers and read terms and privacy information if you tap on video call you’ll see a list of your contacts where you can start a video call with somebody already using duo or invite somebody to start using do well chances are you’ll probably have to invite some of your friends because the app is so new now how are the video calls in my testing I was able to communicate with my friends that any major issues. 

Unique feature I want to say it makes you want to answer my phone more often than I do know what my friends are doing but I don’t know if that’s completely true I also wildlife I connection is ideal evil connection works well too I’m using Verizon’s 4 G. LTE service I will note that when I had the occasional connection issue the call would just pause it didn’t end or drop like a traditional phone call would do you will see in the lower left hand corner there’s an option to mute the call and switch between your front and rear facing cameras there’s also a circular view of what the person you are talking with sees the big red phone icon intuitively lets you cancel the call so there you have it to Google duo once you get the app works for iOS and Android I love to hear your thoughts on deal and whether or not you think it has what it takes to replace your current video calling app.

top 5 way to video call

       3. OOVOO

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What is the oovoo app. more than 100000000 registered users in over 130 countries and 54000000 users in the United States alone Google is the world’s largest independent video chat and messaging app how does oovoo market themselves to our kids well they claim to be the best group video calling experience they have super clear and crisp video calling you can connect with friends on any device it’s easy to start a call or chat and you can quickly chat and share photos with friends oovoo works in all of these devices androids iPhones iPods PC’s macs windows in the Amazon fire phone what is the oovoo age restriction level can be used by any kid 13 years or older and they clean the though is cool. In fact, part of the marketing is 65 percent of our users are under the age of 25 years old however it’s rated 4 years old and older on iTunes.

 oovoo has some popular features

1. they allow free video calls up to 12 people at a time 

2. they allow free text messaging you can send text pictures and videos 

3. they allow for unlimited free voice calls patented super clear in superior audio technology to make sure everybody is connecting live and clearly and oovoo works on any type of network that means 4 G. 3 G. LTE etc and for those parents to give their kids only a wifi only enabled device it’ll work on that too

 how do you create an account on who vote will first to register you can use your email or login with your Facebook account as you can see on the right level will ask you to 

  • created oovoo ID which will not be able to change later to
  • provide your name you can change at any time 
  • you must provide your date of birth and also your gender.

How easy is it to find friends on oovoo logo integrates with your phone’s address book G. email Facebook and what’s out friends so it’s very easy to find people on multiple networks that you already know. oovoo has new face recognition software in March of 2015 oovoo introduced a new softer feature that reads human emotions the company says it can be useful in business and politics political pollsters are planning to use it in the 2016 U. S. presidential election researchers fed the computer with picture showing human expressions even oovoo 8 minutes it could worry some people because of privacy issues what should parents be aware of on the sat but we’ve always used by predators to contact under age kids this year kids from the United States and the UK ages 9,10,11 and 13 years old were contacted by petafiles on oovoo in favor of 2015 men hijacked some oovoo accounts to make inappropriate advances such. In March of two thousand and fifteen students got requests for naked images on info you can click at the bottom of the screen if you are a little research it’s safe smart social .com 

what can parents do to keep their kids safe on oovoo 

  •  consider having your kids to lead the sap second don’t ever use real or full names or any identifiable information is your profile or username on the sat third profile picture shouldn’t reveal information that can be used to locate your kids home or school address if you do allow your kids to keep this out consider under the security settings go to the area that says who can find me and consider sending it to people who know my email address or oovoo ID or even better set it to nobody

  •  as oovoo integrates with your Facebook friendless ask your kids to only accept Facebook friends they know in real life also consider monitoring their Facebook friends yourself first if your kids have a new account have a conversation with them 

 consider having them to lead the sap instead of have the muse face time on an iPhone ask your kids not to share their real names their age their phone number or mailing address anywhere next ask your students to not sure their it oovoo ID or email address as it might be able to allow people to contact them ask your kids not to accept adult social media friends without talking with you first also tell your kids that they can always come to you if they have questions or concerns about their online activity or about other online users last teach your kids to be light brightened polite in real life as well as online.

top 5 way to video call


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 really cool video calling app called tango what’s great about it is that not only can you call from an iPhone to iPhone from Android to  android but you can also cross-platform so if I have an iPhone and you have an address I can also use the tango at calling you  see it’s pretty easy to use. One drawback of tango that’s not perfect yet is that if I’m in a video call with somebody else they also have to be signed in and there’s no call waiting options so someone tries to just call my phone and I’m in a video call with somebody else they can’t get through to me and they’ll go straight to my answering machine so you can use a tango video call on 3 G. or 4 G. or on wifi if you don’t want to use up your data minutes the wifi allows you to make long distance phone calls for free that’s tango.

top 5 way to video call                          …………………………………………………

5. wechat

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 Everyone’s best friend here in China also known as we chat staying in trying to just for a few hours you already know that we chat is like the most used app here and basically the act can help you with all aspects of life literally in China so with that said it do it let me tell you 22 things you can do

  1.  we chat half so because it’s a taxing obviously if you can talk to people text people you can also send voice messages which is very popular here in China so instead of writing stuff you just record your voice and then the voice message is sent to the other person and they can reply with voice or they can reply text.                                                                                           
  2. is you can also do it and make a phone call or you can make a video call just like Skype.                                                                                                                                                            
  3. you can do with we chat is that you can send your friends pictures videos your location if you can find each other you can also share the location so you can find each other which is really cool you can basically set everything you can also send out of reading envelopes which is a Chinese things over Chinese New Year people send red envelopes with 8 quite a pointy quite or 88 currently hunt you know if you get a really cool thing also you can transfer money to your friends if you just went out eating and your friend pay for the meal then you can transfer money to them immediately like this                                                                                                                         
  4. is that you can pay in shops and restaurants also a really cool thing sensing that                                                                                                                                  
  5. is that when you’re in a restaurant instead of trying to get the waiter’s attention you can just find the shop scanned the QR codes on the menu on the table and then you can order on your we chat and then it will go straight into their system and you don’t even have to try to talk to the waiter other really cool feature is that you can scan the barcode of. 8 products in the store and then the return is going to tell you if there is a cheaper option nearby or how much it is online thing I’m very                                                                                               
  6. is that when you’re in a restaurant instead of trying to get the waiter’s attention you can just find the shop scanned the QR codes on the menu on the table and then you can order on your we chat and then it will go straight into their system and you don’t even have to try to talk to the waiter other really cool feature is that you can scan the barcode of. 8 products in the store and then the return is going to tell you if there is a cheaper option nearby or how much it is online thing I’m very                                           
  7. is that you can also just like on Facebook share your pictures and videos and articles with your friends so it’s cool we jet moments and people can like your pictures and all the things you Schering and they can also common okay feature                                                                                            
  8. is really funny because it basically it’s made so you can shake your phone and if somebody nearby you is shaking their fill their phone at the same time you will get a Max and then you can start talking                                                                                                                     
  9.  is really cool because you can see the people in nearby you with the people you don’t know if you can actually search specifically for guys or girls so it’s kind of like it dating would like in a more relaxed way I think you can see who is nearby I don’t know I feel like it’s a little creepy sometimes because its presence like 50 meters away and like for me because I look for and so I always have my own picture right perfect pictures so I feel like people think you instantly know if I’m there I don’t know but anyways that’s between them and then another way to also find new friends if your loan I actually did it once in Germany I found the person nearby and we went to me seems together and that was pretty cool then we have featured                                                                                                  
  10.  is shopping you can do shopping on we tried we tried this links to other companies the so you go through we chat to another app or website and if you buy through there but you pay with your we chat so basically if you do shopping on we tried it will take you to which is another huge really popular apps and website shopping website here in China feature                                                                                                                
  11. is games you can go and find your favorite game you can purchase it and then you can play games with you we chat app as well.                                                                                         
  12. is that you can charge your phone if you don’t have more money on your phone card and it’s complaining phone card sim card. Then you can charge you with we check you just click charge 50 quiet and they’ve been ma’am and then your phone is working again                                                                                                                                                               
  13.  is really really an amazing feature I love this one because I can find a taxi nearby meat so if I’m in a place and I Kansi any Texas around me I can basically just open up we chat and it’s gonna find a taxi nearby and it’s going to call the driver and he would come and he will call me and say I’m here now and then I’ll just jump into sexy and again I can pay with my we check                                                                                                                          
  14. again is something kinda like shopping so I can buy plane tickets train tickets hotels all of these things I can look and find them on we chat feature                                                                                                                        
  15. is really good if you’re in school because you can transfer files actually we tried has swept a dition as well computerization sorry so you can you can put your we tried you can lock onto your we chat on the computer and then you can transfer files between 2 parties and also actually our professors they all have we chat so instead of emailing them we just use we chat and they also sent out the homework and the readings for the different classes they send all of those on weekend as well                                                                   
  16.  is also really cool because you can pay all your bills like your monthly bills so if you have like a water feet or like electricity internet for apartment you can set it up and it’s all going to automatically pay it’s basically like a bank inside a texting app one thing I really like is he to                                                                                                                                                       
  17.   right now the time is very popular to use nicknames for we checked accounts and also put a profile picture of like a cute dog or Superman or as somebody else so it’s really hard for me to figure out who is who like I don’t know who my friends are anymore because they change their picture. News and their names what’s a 0 well features 17 you can actually change their names so maybe they call themselves a little rainy cloudless and trying to subvert credit sometimes I can just change it to the real name and then every time you change to another nickname it’s still going to be their real name when I see it so I don’t see that they change the nicknames I only see the really this is a great feature from.                                                                                              
  18.  is really cool because right now we basically have everyone I know we track so I was thinking like I kind of want to put this picture but I don’t want my boss to see this picture like my level glad to see this picture so you can make groups other friends that can see the pictures you sharing and groups of where people come and see I think that’s really cool also with like comments and such you can decide who can see them and Kansi them and people from outside can see your comments if you’re commenting on other friends pictures                                                                                                                                           
  19. is also really cool because you can track your packages if you bought something online you can that scanned the barcode on the news a receipt you got and then you can see where is. And what is a kind of a right.                                                                                      
  20. is featured number twenty in return is that you can send deep did soul digital postcards to your friends and family in.
  21. is also really cool because people a lot of people that use these funny small gifts like pictures of like crazy what’s like a like emotions are people I will put in here so you can see what I mean so you can save all these funny objects and the gifts and then you can send them out to your friends as well and it just makes type things so much more fun and lively it’s really cool and the last one.                                                                                        
  22. on our list to date is that you can axes we’ve run or are we seeing you told a sports apps inside that we chat app again you can track your UPS that’s how much you’re walking and your exercise this is really cool  

thank you for reading this article, I think now you know top 5 way to video call. And also know the features of this app. Now you choose which wat to go with you app,top 5 way to video call.

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