How to speed up phone, its true we are really need on our phone as all time. 
but we are don’t know How to speed up phone, in this article i will giving you all of best step which gonna really  workable and after read it you also know How to speed up phone, lets start to talk.

At this time huge number of people use android device. So i am giving tricks on base of  android. if you are use android phone than you can use this tips ” How to speed up phone “. Every android have not same setting arrangement , but setting of all device’s as same. i am using Samsung dual. How to speed up phone.

How to speed up phone

  • Transition effects

 The first way is by reducing the animation and transition effects on your device not trust me guys you don’t really need it and it’s not worth the pain off you know having a slow foreign to just going to settings going to developer options now if you use the galaxy phone in their chances that the developer options are not unlocked to go into about going to bed and tap it 7 times your developer options would appear right above about device not scroll down to values the windows window animation scale and duration scale.

         Right that now all of these vino transition and animated. Put them down 2.5 X. now when the phone shipped to you it comes with animation scale of one X. I’ve already you’re used to because I enjoyed that great now let me show you what happens if you make it 5 X. look at that how nice N. easy but well it’s really slow and frustrating soul go back in and let me turn them down all the way to point 5 X. and you’ll see the difference now and head back cut cut that there you go so it’s really quick if the transitions are off now.

 The other way to do is removing widgets now which it’s displaying life information to keep fetching internet data and feeding to you on the home screen not only does it consume battery it also eats up resources remove them if you don’t use them I mean. Do you really use them if you don’t just get rid of them so you know for example. I don’t need a couple of them so let’s say you do I don’t need it in fact I don’t need this entire screen so let’s just remove it let me just toward her the whole thing into the bin and then maybe yeah I don’t need air droid like either and was it all the time and maybe a stock information and Yahoo new is not required that’s it day you go you’ve got to foster smartphone.

  • Background processes limit

 No android is truly a multi tasking OS so your apps and process is kind of run badly all the time to going to developer options and you can now limit the number of processes that run in the background it’s really up to you it’s not something I recommend you do it unless you really know what you’re doing but if you are you know kind of save while I just want 1 process at most running in the background or do it most that’s how it’s going to be okay but again I’m not saying you should do this now there’s always the task manager tap and hold your home keep going to the task manager and then get you go your damn it says 1 GB you is out of 1.35 available ram you can obviously cleared it I don’t really think it there’s a noticeable difference in in doing this. But there’s no harm in trying it out

  • Custom launcher

 Now guys this may sound really lame but trust me once a week you should do this it kind of flushes your cash flushes your memory and it’s just clearer it’s cleaner and trust me it’s it works faster. Now this one ‘s very helpful add custom launcher is installed maybe Nova launch or apex launch or a W. D. launcher one of these launcher is kind of you know they’re optimized to perform really well on your android smartphone specially when it comes to Sam some which is running TouchWiz it’s really heavy it’s really resource intensive eats up your processor and ram install one of these on jazz and trust me you would see a huge difference they’re they’re really foster Julie some with the transitions in the animation state you go have a look at that it’s really nice right so you know you can really see a noticeable difference in the performance of your smartphone. 

When you have one of these and then if you want to quickly access apps glove box or even pie controllers for that matter to really nice you know you said you just have to swipe your finger from either the left edge order right edge and you have apps which are right that fly you the we are the ones that you really use a lot.

 So bored glove box and by controls are available on the play store for free. Bunch of. Features are premium features that are only available if you buy it but again you know you don’t really have to most of the things that you need are available in the free version and they really work amazingly well. All of your apps handy right that. So as you can see improving the speed of your address my phone not only means being really careful about your resources in the sense you know though the process are you being you is in the ram but also having a few apps like custom launcher is. Love box by controls even swipe bad for that matter you know these really make using your smartphone faster.

every day a single time restart or power off 10 minutes , its really help grow up performance. 
final word:

All the tricks which are told you above please  follow step by step, after using this you can definitely watch huge different .How to speed up phone its now you know. thank you for reading .if you like this tricks then you can help to know your friends through sharing this How to speed up phone’ article. 

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