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Today harmful technology well performing to creating problem for us every where,be careful with this harmful technology , use antivirus all time.
don’t serving any low quality or harmful website. how you know ? whats harmful technology for our? lets talk below.

when we are serve or go low quality website like porn site, new movies site etc.
then some time our mobile automatically open one by one page and at-last show on screen a warring massage and our mobile vibrating continuously. don’t serve those websites.


list of harmful technology and 
also short definition

    1. fire wall
            It’s like a wall of fire not literally but then a defensive wall that protects your devices from viruses or other devices to hack your information so when you’re working on a computer network it’s possible that other computer users might want to hack your information which if you have installed fire wall in your network there’s a high possibility that your information will be safe and your device will not be hacked, so this prevents your device from being hacked. Prevention from hacking. 

But firewall is different from anti virus anti wires of iris stops the virus from entering into your device and firewall prevents hacking so you should have both of them in your computer to keep it safe for 

         2.  Hardware
            Hardware well that’s a very common the hood tell him we know that software is the part of the computer that you cannot touch which is non tangible but hardware is the parts or the units of the computer that you can touch for example your desktop your CPU and your keyboard is what hardware is. The tangible parts of a computer.

      3. home page 

             Home page so the word holding here means the first page that you see when you click on a website it usually have links to other websites for example if your homepage on your computer is Google to when you log in to your device or your computer the first phase that appears on the screen is Google and it has links to other websites to when you want to visit other websites you can type into the search bar and it will lead you to other links but the first page on your screen or the first page of the website is called the home page. The first page of a website.

    4. Netiquette 

                Netiquette does that sound like a word that you’ve ever heard before something like at ticket yes netiquette all the etiquette that you require on one computer or networks or internet these are some informal rules that are designed for users on the internet so you should really avoids talking other people’s website that’s not good at that’s one computer and that ticket and you should also try not to share your personal information on the internet for example all particularly on a public network you should not share your banking details or your login ID and password for an important all website so be sure you follow the computer netiquette. Informal rules designed for the users. This is.

    5. Spam

              Spam can also be used outside of the computer vocabulary like that on wanted people in your life are spam the same way the unwanted emails that going to your trash or junk folder a cold spam so if you have any spam in your life you need to get rid of it and if you’ve got any spam on your email or on your email accounts then you need to empty your trash folder or your junk file. Unwanted emails. This is. All these emails are usually promotional in nature and they are there for marketing purposes so for example you subscribe to a particular website all the emails that you receive from that website for promotional purposes will go into your trash folder but your personal emails will be in the main and primary in books so that can be differentiated and it makes it easier for you to understand and organize your account 

               bonus 2 more.
      # Spiny wears

              Spiny wears something like adware it’s somewhat similar so spy ware is when you’ll have a put to maybe a particular website for example Google continuously spy is the website that you always acting so if you’re planning a trip to Dubai AE and you’ve recently sauce for it off to sometime when you was it another website there will be an ad popping up on the other half of the page for a trip to the body the cheapest up to the by a trip to the by you know this cannot be a coincidence there is surely someone spying at you’ll and possibly that’s Google so you should really saw them and they have spyware installed into their website which comes the moment you click on the website. To detect your internet habits.

VC (video conference)
              VC (video conference) this is also very common term are you must have heard of Skype that’s exactly what we DO conferences when you can see somebody and listen to somebody at the same time sometimes it can be between 2 people and sometimes it can be between more than what 2 people it could be a group of 5 to 10 people but what you need is that everyone should have that particular application installed in their device so only when it’s installed when Skype is installed in another person’s device you can have a Skype conference or a video conference with that person an audio visual communication on the internet. 

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