Forget windows password

if you are a windows user than maybe its also your problem , when we are open pc or laptop then password needed to open. but some another time we don’ t need to password protect, 

               how we are remove or skip windows password

First you go to open “run”  . if you don’t know , lets follow my step, press( window + R ) then you see run is open.

now type in run “netplwiz” and press OK button . make sure its type in small latter. after it you see a popup  user account  and you see a option which already right tick, 
that is ” user must enter a user name and password to use this computer” uptick this option 
 and click to apply or OK button.

 then you see another popup “automatically sing in ” fill it with your Microsoft account password two time then  click to OK button. now its done, your pc or laptop is now without password protected , now shutdown and turn on normally this time  automatically sing in with your Microsoft account. don’t require password to open. 

if forgot your password how open pc or laptop? (windows 10 / windows 8)

at frist you require 2  things  : 1st one is a pen-drive (bootable)
                                                2nd  is setup in pen-drive which you want to unlock (windows 10 / windows 8)

connect your pin-drive  with your system
then open or start , your system  go to boot manager and select your pendeive which is you put in your system. press enter. 

then wait some time to load windows , its take 5 to 15 minutes (base on system hardware)

after complete loading window open a popup don’t fill anything just click to next .

after came next page see a option “repair your computer” click on  it .

 then go to next page click    “troubleshoot” 
 then go to next page click    “advance option”
 then go to next page click    “command prompt “

after clicking it cmd is open , (now follow my commend which is type in cmd )
                        (lets start command section)   (carefull don’t press any wrong command , my every command below is bold latter, easier to see)

         C:                                enter

         cd winwods                enter

         cd system32                 enter

         copy utilman.exe utilman1.exe            enter
   then you see a small massage (the massage is     ” 1 file<s> copied “) start command again

         copy cmd.exe cmd1.exe                 enter
  then you see a small massage again  (the massage is  ” 1 file<s> copied “) start command agai
        del utilman.exe             enter      

        rename cmd.exe to utilman.exe               enter

         exit                        enter

make sure follow all 8 command then turn off your system and normally open or start it.
after this you a new option click on it and open cmd window lets type a command again which is 

      control userpasswards2        enter

then you see user account password 
now you can anything to do which you want to do , remove password  or reset password,

                       reset windows password

if your reset the password click on it and type you new password and type again to conform password. and click to ok and close all tab.

then type your password to open your pc or laptop.


                   remove windows password

if you want to remove the password the click remove button and press Ok. than close all tabs
after this click enter arrow right side on the password box

if you have any problem like command  or any setup please contact us we are giving all support , 
some important thing maybe wants to know it, typing command recheck properly before enter, use faster per-dive to load window faster, if you crack laptop password then before starting the process make sure battery back is enough to complete the process,

we are telling you education or helping purpose  , don’t misuse it , to do any illegal work , 
we are not support any illegal work,

thank you for reading ……….
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