How much earn from Facebook ?

Facebook is a biggest social networking site than other site like  whats app , twitter , snap chat, etc.

today trand is if anyone use a mobile with internet data then definitely  Facebook account in there mobile . In the World 2.23 billion active user monthly. sometime who’s don’t have they are also create FB account.
The most populous nation of South AmericaBrazil biggest ‘Facebook’ countries. 79% of the nation’s internet users are also using online social media. The country has 139 million active Facebook users.

we are every one use Facebook daily , overall minimum 3 hours using in a day. only westing our time.
               But now we are take or earn money from                                 Facebook easily . yes guys its true                           

lets see how earn from Facebook , go tronzier

1 video monitization 

some when we see video in facebook , in the video ads is showing , this ads giving facebook , true facebook official ads .
if you want to do go to start now,

how :  create a facebook page and upload video when your , video go up propular the ads are showing on that  video, and facebook giving you money for this .

2. Article Monetization  

everyone know it if are you use blogger . its means post your website article and Facebook giving ads on it, but before you post article connect website with Facebook. 
like absence with website same here.
link your website and Facebook , after doing this absence or same ads showing network don’t work automatically desable , showing ads from your Facebook. 

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