hello guys its me, whats up?

at this time (03:05 AM)  191075330 websites are in the world,every second many of are created  by some one in the WORLD. BUT  we are can’t serve every websites ,

 thousands of amazing website are avalibale in huge number of websites, but we search them, other was it hidden, don’t worry we are now  vesting  BEST 5 AMAZING WEBSITES IN THE WORLD,  before we start to talk ,



lets go tronzier ………..

in the top of list a FLAG website , yes its 3d animation live website,

   5. flagwaver

how use : you can change the FLAG image and also control wings and much more the to cool, fly your image also,

its our logo flag,

Ok its time to go forward our next website its call live  dancing Robot 

      4.live dancing robot

how use:  at first after opened the site ,you want to choose a robot  and go to next page ,
music is playing in background and left side you see robot dance editing option and right side robot is dancing nonstop. after create your dance you can also share with your friends in Facebook.

its to funny guys edit dance its too good, you can’t dance like this robot . try to dance ,hehehehehe

next is a Virtual Arrangement (Simulation) websites its amazing don’t forget to try this.

   3.  domino.roilipman

how use:  after opened we can see and sheet and when right click create a object on the place, after complete deigning right click to drop any one and see magic. its true 3d you also zoom in or out using scrolling on the mouse, and left click to change view , its also share option, and here a gallery there everyone put her deigning. 

comment below which website you mostly like, 

up next its google brother, yes its call revolving google, fully animated


how use: on the screen google is available but roving round continuously and its not a only animation its search engine also work, we are also search anything.

searching result also roving   and when click a website to visit the is also round . you run any website just search google and click open

last on is the best of the list, 
 this most amazing information provide for you its call You are Getting Old,
lets see why its number 1

1. you.regettingold

how use : after open giving you date of  birth . and see amazing information which was started with your born. 
example : count days, date in day, heard bit count, count people in the world ,sun position etc, more and more 
now you can tell your friends information to shocking him or her to telling this with her or him birth.

please before leave type your comment below.

thank you ….for reading

tell us your liking site…….

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