Harmful Technology , effects our life and also create problem with our use device like mobile, PC or laptop or computer. But some people don’t know which are harmful technology ? don’t worry those people because now i am telling you hole of harmful technology name list and there definition. after you known its avoid to use those things , to save your PC or mobile.

        Before start lets know some kind of this which are informant to know us. Technology are not bad , but harmful technology are not good , we use browser , internet, application, website serving etc in your PC or mobile. When we do this kind of things  then attack harmful technology our self. how and which telling you below.

List of Harmful Technology and Definition

   1 Adware

Adware as the word suggests from the beginning part add add refers to advertisements so when every show download a particular application you 

may have noticed a lot of ads popping up on your screen that’s because, that particular application has already stored adware NH which leads  to the popping up of all these advertisements which sometimes also gets virus into your device so be very careful about the applications that you use they might contain adware and because you do have virus in your device.
 So adware is the Pre stored. Advertisements. 


Application or apps which you already heard so these are softwares which is designed for a singular you was or individual use by a person. it is a common platform which you can download it exclusively on your phone or on your computer, for example of Facebook app or a G. mail app on your phone. 
For individual if you.

  3. Bloatware or fact

 Bloatware or fact where can you guess something from the word so something was fat somebody who consists a lot of space the same way bloatware or fact where consists of a lot of space on your device they are please restored software is on your device so when you buy a computer of probably or even a phone an android phone when you buy a there are some pre stored applications like G. mail or play store, these are what you call bloatware with a lot of bloatware in your device you don’t have enough space to store personal data and that’s when you’re in need of a memory card to save some personal data. So pre stored apps. I wouldn’t be very biased towards apple user so when you buy an apple phone 

you have pre stored applications like I tunes

      4. Bug

  Bug have you heard of this word before something like stop bugging me stop irritating me the same way the ward bug means something that irritates you so when you download a particular software it has a story a particular application or software it has toward box in itself so box all basically some forwards in the written script off the application for example java script or php. so the program writer has made some mistakes while writing the script and that ends up having a because of that you end up having box why you’re using the software and suddenly phone hangs or the you know particular application just crashes and you’re not able to use it so they’re quite irritating like the little box that we face every day.
Stored mistakes. In the written language or the written program called quote

      5. crash

  So crash all small pieces of information on the crash that we usually know in terms of money caches pre stored information of information pieces in your device whenever you was it a particular website there is data that your device or maybe computer stores locally when you was it the website for a second time the big shows and the information loads much quicker and let’s talk about Facebook so when you’re logging into Facebook it tasks you do you want the browser to remember the fines and where does where does the browser remembered those files,

    it’s remembers those files as cache memory which is temporary memory on your device. With. Similarly we have cookies which are also temporary files on your device so when ever you log into Facebook you see a list off login ideas that have previously logged into the website 
and those are cookies.

    Store information on a particular website. So crash this is how the plane crashes and this is exactly how an application can also crash or your device can also crash when it has some corrupted files so whenever you device crashes suddenly or unexpectedly it ,stops working that is when your device has crashed in you need to get it corrected probably by an IT technician. I’m expected. 
Hold in your device.

Final word.

some more harmful technology are available in our country, we don’t want to delete or remove permanently. but if we are be carefully use devises like mobile or PC, than this or other harmful technology don’t effect very bad to us.

thank you for reading …………
if you know more harmful technology then tell us comment below.

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