hi guys whta’s up ?

we are every one use whatsapp in our mobile,  but some time we are face some problem , today i solve its,

i am giving you 5 pro best tricks which you use in your daily life and make easily use whatsapp .

lets start tronzier………

1.you  can control your data, go to satting and turn on  low data usage, then you can  save your data if you are you use whats more times.

2.  we are every one sent  emoji but do yo know who you can change you massage BOLD , ITALIC , STRIKE.  how, if type your massage in *bold*  then receiver see bold what is bold really, all use _italic_ ,   ~strike~  , try its now , its too amazing

3. some time when we are chatting in whatsapp with any special person ,  at this time if any massage receiver without touch your mobile you can’t know who is the sender,  at this time you can change custom notification for every  chat.

 without touching your phone now you can know who is sender.

4. some time we don’t want to send any text, but in whatsapp you can’t send any blank massage, if yo don’t try it its true,

if you want to send any blank massage,then you need a application which name is “no word” also available in play store. after installed open the app you see send option click on it and the app send a blank massage . its pro trick

5. if you are busy, or you  can’t send any massage then you can use auto-reply option , in this option when any one sent you massage then your whatsapp automatically send a reply massage which you set.

if you want to use this features you need a application “autoreply ” giving notification access and its work to start.

hope you likes this tricks , share with your friends  .

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thank you for reading……………..

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